19 - TERROR: Killer on the Train

October 06, 2019 Matt Johnson Season 1
19 - TERROR: Killer on the Train
Show Notes

American Hero, Alek Skarlatos opens up in a rare interview about stopping a terror attack on a train from Amsterdam to Paris.

In 2015, Alek was on leave after being deployed to Afghanistan with the Oregon Army National Guard.

He was on the train with lifelong friends Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler.

About three hours into the trip, a shirtless man armed with a AK Assault style riffle, nine magazines, 270 rounds of ammunition and a box cutting knife charged out of the bathroom and was ready to kill everyone in sight.

That's when Alek, Spencer and Anthony sprang into action and stopped him.

In this episode, Alek talks about the events before and during the foiled terror attack. He also talks about meeting two U.S. presidents and being a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, and what his plans are for the future.

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